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Popular Namibia Safari

Namibia is truly a treasure trove of a country. Bordered by the mercurial Atlantic Ocean that brings in cool air to give life to myriad creatures in the ancient Namib Desert, it is a place of ‘fairy circles’, big game, sky-high sand dunes, unfettered stargazing and unique cities that embody the ‘culture clash’ of Africa and Europe.

Because it is so vast – the size of France and Germany combined with a population of only two million people – one of the best ways to explore is by flying. Taking to the skies, you will appreciate the incredible colour palette of browns, khakis, golds and reds that opens up before you as it turns to lush plains and greenery as you near world-renowned Etosha National Park from the capital, Windhoek. With the various big game and at least 300 bird species, Etosha is a game lover’s paradise. Then fly to the Marianfluss Valley near the Kunene River, land of the Himba people and place of the mysterious ‘fairy circles’, perfectly round spots on the plains where nothing will grow. End your Namibian adventure in the Kaokoveld, a remote section in the north-west where you can track desert-adapted elephants, rhinos, giraffes and lions.

Perfect for those who enjoy getting off the beaten track or who are seeking solitude on their safari, Namibia rewards the patient and those who can quietly appreciate its wide open spaces and immense landscapes.

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